Terms & Conditions

Following terms and conditions govern the processes of registering, sales, ordering and accessing products sold by Ben Goji®. Entering into purchase and sales contracts of Ben Goji® products implies the user’s knowledge and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.


  • To make an order, the user will have to register by completing the form available at
  • After registering, the user can access his personal account by logging into the correspondent site.
  • The creation of a personal account allows accessing features like a “wishlist”.
  • Ben Goji guarantees the personal data shall be processed in correct and legal manner, according to good practice and applicable legislation, within Portugal.


Upon accessing the personal account, the user may select products and add them to the shopping cart by following the steps below:
  • Selection of the desired product(s) via search icons or menus;
  • Movement of the selected product(s) to the User’s “Shopping Cart”;
  • User personal data registration and optional inclusion of them in Ben Goji’s data base according to terms specified in General Terms and Conditions;
  • Designation of “Delivery Address”, “Billing Address” and “Payment Method”;
  • Input of the User’s tax identification number (TIN);
  • Ben Goji® will provide all purchase details on the website allowing to identify and correct possible errors and will request your acknowledgement of the purchase terms and conditions, as well as of the General Terms and Conditions;
  • The User will be informed about his request’s/order’s state via an e-mail regarding “Order Confirmation” and a second e-mail after payment confirmation regarding “Order Processing”.
  • Finally, a logistics operator will deliver the User’s request/order with the correspondent detailed invoice at the “Delivery Address” designated during purchase operation.
  • Placing an online request of the products in the “Shopping Cart” means the User accepts the purchase of those, for the price and according to the terms described at, whereas the User can only perform orders at, for the prices, as well as the terms and conditions stated there.
  • In the event Ben Goji®, for some reason, doesn’t accept the User’s request, which is a right expressly reserved by Ben Goji®, the User will be informed about that.
  • The capacity to satisfy all orders made on the website is subject to Ben Goji’s availability. Ben Goji® will, although, try to guarantee all products sold on the website are in stock. However, Ben Goji® reserves the right not to accept any orders or cancel already confirmed orders of products not in stock. In those cases, Ben Goji® will inform the User about the situation and refund the received amount within a maximum of 30 days.


  • All Ben Goji® product prices stated at, include Value Added Tax (VAT), at the rate of 23% or at the rate, which at any moment, results from the legal provisions in force. The total VAT amount to be paid by the User is designated on the invoice which will be sent to him.
  • Ben Goji® product prices, and their characteristics, are subject to changes. Nevertheless, the said amendments will be published on the website aiming to keep users informed.
  • If there is any error about the price of the requested product, Ben Goji® or the User may, at any time, until product shipment, cancel the order request.
  • Prices are always subject to final confirmation and according to the issued purchase invoice.

4.Payment methods

Following methods are available:
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer


  • Deliveries to Portugal and Spain will be carried out by the company CTT®. Deliveries to remaining countries will be carried out by the company TNT®.
  • In case of exchanges and returns, the customer must complete the form available in the “Private Area”, designating place and date for product collection, in order to schedule with the operating agent of the correspondent shipping companies.


  • Ben Goji® offers free delivery to all European countries
  • Free delivery to the of rest of the world on purchases over 200€;
  • Deliveries to Portugal and Spain will be carried out by the company CTT®;
  • Deliveries to remaining countries will be carried out by the company TNT®;
  • In case of deliveries to countries outside the European Union, customs and import duties, borne by the customer, may arise. We recommend our customers to ask for more information about processes and costs at the local customs.

7.Delivery time

  • Ben Goji® makes every shoe specifically for each customer and estimates a delivery time between 5 and 10 working days, from the date of payment confirmation.
  • Ben Goji® will inform the User about the non-availability of the ordered product or products, as well as will refund the paid amounts for this or those products within a maximum of 15 days from the date of acknowledgement about that non-availability.
  • However, Ben Goji’s capacity to respond within the stated time periods is subject to availability in stock.
  • In case the shipping company is not available to deliver products at the designated date, the User will be contacted to reschedule a new delivery date.
  • The order is considered dispatched from the moment Ben Goji® handles it over to the shipping company, which will be liable for its delivery to the User according to following terms:
  • Products will be shipped and delivered to the User by the shipping company, which is liable for any delay in the order delivery.
  • In the event there is no one to receive and sign the confirmation at the “Delivery Address”, the logistics operator won’t deliver any product.
  • In this case, the User will be contacted by the responsible shipping company regarding the delivery of the correspondent order, so they can reschedule a new date for delivery
  • A delivery is considered complete or a product is considered delivered after signing the delivery receipt at the agreed address.

8.Order cancelling

  • Ben Goji® works based on a proximity relationship with the customer. All shoes are specially made for the customer. Manufacturing process is initiated upon order reception. That’s why we don’t accept cancellations.

9.Exchanges and Returns

The User can return the ordered product(s) within 15 days after receiving them provided that:
  • Products haven’t been used.
  • Products keep their original features and labels intact.
  • All shoes were tried on carpeted surfaces before usage.
Delivery address Returns Exchanges
Portugal Costs borne by the customer Free*
Spain Costs borne by the customer Free*
Portugal Islands (Madeira and Azores) Costs borne by the customer Free*
Europe Costs borne by the customer Free*
Rest of the world Costs borne by the customer Costs borne by the customer
*Only valid for the first exchange of the product.
  • In case returned products are damaged or worn out, Ben Goji® reserves the right not to accept the return and refuse the respective reimbursement.
  • In order to perform an exchange or return, the User shall enter the “Private Area” and choose the desired option. He must also complete the form in order to receive an e-mail of the shipping company to schedule the gathering.
  • If the User is not at the designated address, he will be contacted by the responsible shipping company. Three attempts will be made to deliver/collect the product. If the shipping company continues not to be successful, the User will be charged an extra cost for the new delivery/collection


  • Ben Goji® shoes are made of natural leather and, for that reason, these are subject to small variations in terms of texture and tones. These aspects aren’t considered defects.
  • Ben Goji® also reserves the possibility of small colour differences based on screen definitions.

11.Limitation of liability

  • Ben Goji® doesn’t guarantee permanent availability of this service and, particularly, shall not be made liable for damages, directly or indirectly, resulting from the use or inability to use, for whatever reason, this website, specifically, in case of access non-availability, technical problems or errors in telematic data transfer networks, exterior intrusion or presence of computer viruses, and shall also not be made liable for technical problems that might occur in computer equipment used during internet connection via the referred website.
  • Ben Goji® also doesn’t assume any liability for any damages, directly or indirectly, resulting from force majeure situations, understood as consisting of, any event independent of Ben Goji’s will or control, that prevents Ben Goji® from fulfilling, definitively or temporarily, all or part of their obligations.
  •  Ben Goji® shall not be made liable for any abusive use of the User’s website access data, which are personal and non-transferable, by a third party.


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