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Ben Goji Gift Card is a simple, secure and attractive way to give someone a gift.
Offer a product and a trip into the world of Ben Goji sneakers, where comfort and style walk hand in hand.
Ben Goji Gift Card also permits the person who gets it to customize his own sneakers. So you are gifting an exclusive product, specially made for that person.

  • Choose the value
  • Customize your message
  • The Gift Card has unlimited validity until product purchase
  • You well get your Gift Card by email
  • The specified value can be used to shop standard or customized models
  • If the Gift Card value is less than the product price you’re shopping, it will be discounted from the final purchase value
  • The person who gets the Card just has to use the promotional code to buy the product
  • No promotion or coupon is valid to buy a Gift Card
  • You can’t use a Gift Card to buy another one
  • The Gift Card can be used at different purchases until its credit runs out, as unique payment method or complemented by other payment methods

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