Create Your Own Shoes


Create Your Own Shoes With Ben Goji Customizer

Create your own shoes with our Ben Goji Customizer. Show us your creative side and create something unique!

Customize your sneakers – over 9 million different combinations to choose from!

In a society with an increasing need for self-expression, Ben Goji answered with an online customization system that allows you to personalize each and every component of your shoe. To the smallest detail. Can’t go any more unique than that 🙂

If you identify with our view.. Dare to create your exclusive model with Ben Goji!

Each component can be changed to create your sneakers of choice:

  • Sole
  • Leather
  • Lining
  • Eyelets
  • Cords
  • Sewing

It’s hard not to please everyone when we have over 9 million different combinations. We have more than 40 different textures and colors so you can build your sneakers exactly the way you idealized them. Doesn’t matter how quirky your taste is, you’ll find options that won’t make your feet go unnoticed.

Portugal is known as one of the best producers of footwear worldwide. We’re proud of this, and as such we couldn’t fail to produce our sneakers with 100% natural leather only.

And if you were wondering, here’s some examples of how faithful the look in the customizer is to the physical sneaker:

create your own shoescreate your own shoes create your own shoes

create your own shoescreate your own shoes create your own shoes

Enough with “These shoes are great but I don’t like the laces..”!

Take the time to peek through our collection of man and woman collection to get some ideas to start your project.

Create your own shoes and share your creations on social networks and get feedback from your friends!


Ben Goji has a proximity scheme with artisans with years of experience in one of the areas of Mainland Portugal where the Footwear Cluster is stronger in Portugal. As such we were able to deliver your exclusive model in less than 10 business days.

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