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Spontaneity. We want it... Can we achieve it? Feeling well, free and confident.
That is how Ben Goji came about. In conversations between two young dreamers. We conceived a project according to our wishes and accepted the challenge. We believe in living an authentic life.
We are what we feel, see and hear. We are what we imagine. We are what we hide and show.
Ben Goji wants to be more than a brand. It wants to be an inspiration of well-being. Inspired by humanity, multiculturalism and singularity. We challenge versatility. Cultivate identity.
Ben Goji wants to be a facilitator of self-expression. We strive to develop a project also tailored to you.
Challenge your own shoe and preview your imagination!

The art of shoemaking was passed down to me by my parents. From a very young age I started to appreciate the skills and dedication of a shoemaker. Amongst leather and moulds, I remember the smell of glue all around the factory.
I’ve always had the chance to design and make my own shoes, choose the models, combine materials...I believe everyone would enjoy having the same opportunity.
And so, based on this, Ben Goji was born.

The first time I watched the process of shoemaking, the complexity of it surprised me. Since then I knew I wanted to be part of it! Developing this project has been a motivating experience, stimulating the more creative side I pursued. And I couldn’t have a better partner in “crime”!

"Conscious Branding"

At Ben Goji we believe in making a difference. In order to offer good quality shoes and well-being, we use national products and associate us with local fair trade workers.
We believe tradition is of great value. Working closely with artisans backed by generations of experience permits us to offer you shoes, which are modern and mostly developed with traditional methods.

Do you still have questions?

Our Customer Support is prepared to answer any questions, give information, accept suggestions and manage claims. This service is available to all Ben Goji clients and people interested in contacting us. Quickness and functionality are our priorities, resulting in an efficient and customized service. Contact us!



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